Masari facilitators participate in Active Citizen Program at International Study Visit in UK

Three facilitators at Birzeit University’s Leadership and Active Citizenship Program–Masari have participated in the Active Citizen–International Study Visit (ISV), held in the United Kingdom from January 18–25, 2020.

Haya Sultan and Hiba Fallana from the Faculty of Pharmacy, Nursing and Health Professions and Abdelrahim Mousa from the mathematics department at the Faculty of Science participated in the event as they are active facilitators in the Social Entrepreneurship station of the Masari program.

ISV brings together facilitators from various countries to facilitate the sharing of experiences gained while carrying out charity work and engaging in social projects and initiatives that are run by participants’ institutions. The event also facilitates visits of relevant institutions and departments in Britain to help create and implement sustainable social projects. 

The program aims to develop the capabilities of individuals in identifying urgent societal needs and strives to enable them to develop programs and initiatives that address such issues in partnership with local communities and institutions. ISV emphasizes the importance of planning and design thinking when engaging to bring about positive change in societies; it intends to establish networks and open up global channels of communication between the participants, develop effective leadership skills, foster cultural exchange, and increase knowledge about the social, economic, and political conditions in the participating countries.

Implemented in several countries around the world―including the United Kingdom, Mexico and Pakistan―ISV is a global network of community leaders and civil society partners from the participating countries. It endeavors to build understanding and cooperation between communities by creating a sustainable global network that facilitates joint work to address local and global issues in the twenty-first century.

The participants from Birzeit University expressed their gratitude to the university’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit for their nomination to the program and thanked the British Council for its financial support and the arrangement of logistic.