Marah Abu Shamah, top of her class in the ‘Tawjihi’ entrepreneurship stream, majors in accounting at Birzeit University

Marah Abu Shamah, who scored the highest grade in the general secondary examination’s entrepreneurship stream for the 2020–2021 academic year, has chosen to study accounting at Birzeit University, citing the institution’s stellar reputation and open, inclusive environment as reasons for her decision. 

In a visit to the university’s campus on Thursday, August 12, Abu Shamah met with University President Dr. Beshara Doumani, Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Talal Shahwan, and Registrar and Director of Admission Dr. Hazem Abusara, who congratulated her on achieving an excellent score and wished her luck as she continues her academic journey at Birzeit. 

Abu Shamah, who scored 99.7 out of 100 in the “Tawjihi” examinations, said that joining Birzeit University was “a dream come true.” As she grew up, she watched her older sister enroll in the Faculty of Business and Economics at the university, and she made it her goal to follow that path and major in accounting. 

Congratulating Abu Shamah and her family, Doumani said that Birzeit University provides its students with a unique experience where they can become the best versions of themselves. The university, he noted, offers rigorous academic programs, meaningful community engagement initiatives, and great support services that give students the skills and knowledge needed to build and advance their communities.