Maltese Representative Discusses Cooperation, Lectures at Birzeit University

Birzeit University President Abdel Latif Abu Hijleh received on March 17, 2016 the Maltese Representative in Palestine Reuben Gauci and discussed prospects for cooperation with Malta. The meeting was attended by the Director of the Office of Grants and Contracts Dolly Kaibni and Director of PAS Program, Tina Rafidi.


Abu Hijleh expressed the university’s interest in building a strategic partnership with Malta. He suggested that cooperation could include a student exchange between Birzeit University and Maltese universities, opportunities for students in Malta to study the Arabic language or participate in the international camp, culture weeks and other multi-cultural activities that the university holds regularly.

Gauci then gave a lecture on Malta to students, where he spoke about Malta’s history, language and demography. He discussed the initiation of Malta’s statehood and important milestones, including the achievement of independence in 1964, the foundation of the Republic in 1974, and attainment of freedom in 1979. He also highlighted the parallels between Maltese and Palestinian history as reflected in their heritage, spoken language and traditions.