Mall of Palestine to offer Birzeit students employment, training opportunities

Emad Jaber, chairman of LACASA Holdings, an international architecture and engineering firm, discussed providing internship and employment opportunities for Birzeit University students at his company’s recently developed Mall of Palestine — a 50,000-square-meter building to the North of Ramallah — in a meeting with the university’s president Abdullatif Abuhijleh on Thursday, July 11, 2019. 

Abuhijleh and Jaber explored the possibility of offering training and employment for Birzeit University students and graduates at the Mall of Palestine and at LACASA Holdings’ headquarters in Dubai and Qatar. Additionally, the company will support this year’s Birzeit Nights Festival (Layali Birzeit), an annual series of performances, concerts, and events celebrating the culture and heritage of Palestine. 

Abuhijleh praised Palestinian investors for their role in developing the Palestinian economy and in providing employment and training for youth and college graduates despite the harsh economic situation.  

Jaber emphasized the skills and abilities of Birzeit University’s alumni, many of whom work at LACASA Holdings, and stressed that investing in Palestine constitutes one of his topmost priorities.