Legal encounter on “The Position of the Palestinian Law towards Government’s lands”"

The Institute of Law at BZU in Gaza held a legal encounter on "the position of Palestinian law towards the government's lands,"  on 17 January 2011, with the support of Konrad Adenauer Foundation. It was attended by judge, Abdel Qader Jaradeh , the keynote speaker, and 23 female and male lawyers. 
The Institute's coordinator in Gaza, Ms Lina Tunisy, welcomed the guests, emphasizing the importance of the meeting , being the 5th legal encounter, held in Gaza, within the BZU Legal encounters., Dr. Abdel Qader Jaradeh overviewed the historical eras, experienced by the legal system, starting from the Ottoman era and through the British mandate, then to ,the Jordanian rule of the West Bank, which coincided with the Egyptian administration of Gaza Strip, passing through the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, ending with the "Palestinian Authority" stage.

He added  that after the Islamic conquests, the lands used to be divided to government-owned and  not owned. Then, the Ottomans issued the land  law in 1858, which is considered the legislative basis governing property in Palestine until now. The Ottoman state divided the land into five sections: Land owned - public lands - disused land - abandoned land - land endowment.

He pointed out that public lands are government lands, and the British Mandate was the active time with respect to land legislation, since (15) laws governing the lands are still in force in Gaza Strip

The attendees interacted with the topic, wherein many interventions and questions were presented.