Lecture on "The Role of the Court of Cassation in monitoring proper law application"

The Department of Law at the Faculty of Law and Public Administration held on 8 December 2010, a lecture entitled: "The role of the Court of Cassation in monitoring proper law application,"  delivered by the judge of the Court of Cassation, Mr. Mohamed Sameh Dweik.

The  Professor of Civil and Commercial Procedures Law at BZU,  Dr.. Khaled Talahmeh, welcomed the guest, pointing to the importance of addressing the role of the Palestinian Court of Cassation in monitoring appeals, in terms of proper application of law, especially since talking about a court at the apex of the judicial structure, characterized  by being a court of law that does not address lawsuits, but monitors the courts of first and second instance.

.Judge Dweik overviewed the idea of cassation and its causes, explaining that the basis for the idea of the appeal did not come from vacuum, but came from the fact that the judge is a human being and is liable to make mistakes, and what distinguishes the judge from other people is that he mandates the judiciary, in accordance with  certain legal rules. He referred to the emergence of the Palestinian Court of Cessation, being newly established, comparing it with the Court of Cassation in Jordan and Iraq, as well as the Egyptian Court of Cassation, which was established in 2001 under the law of the formation of regular courts, while the Court of Appeal is the final  resort for appeals.