Lecture Reviews Mechanisms of Arab Central Elections Committees

The Birzeit University Ibrahim Abu-Lughod Institute of International Studies held a lecture on “Working Mechanisms of Central Elections Committees: A Comparative Approach.” The lecture was delivered by the director of the Arab World Observatory for Democracy and Elections, Taleb Awad, on November 7, 2013.
Dr. Awad presented a synopsis of electoral systems used by various countries in the Arab world. He pointed out that the carrying out of elections in a country does not necessarily mean that democracy prevails in that country.
Awad also spoke about the Palestinian Central Elections Commission, which was formed in October of 2002 under the law of the general elections of 1995.
"The diversity and disparity in the conditions and levels of economic, social and political relations between the Arab countries, and different patterns of governance, calls for developing election laws that suit the circumstances of each country," he said.