Lecture Reviews Israeli Forcible Displacement Against Bedouin

The policy of Israeli displacement, demolitions and dispossession of Bedouin’s was discussed in a lecture held at the Media Department on March 19, 2016. The lecture was convened  in collaboration of the Ministry of Culture and the Local Value Chain Approach in Palestine (GVC).

Chairman of the Media Department Bassam Ewaida underscored the crucial role that such lectures and sessions play in educating and exposing students about the  Israeli’s measures against Palestinians. “ It is extremely vital to discuss cases of forcible displacement- we need well-educated youth to represent and defend the Palestinian cause locally and abroad.”

Keynote speaker, the Head of the Cultural Advisory Council in Bethlehem Aziz Assa told the students “Since 1948, the Israeli occupation had a systematic policy to evacuate Area “C” in the West Bank for the interest of settlement projects. Over 100,000 Bedouin lived in so-called “unrecognized villages” which are deprived of all basic services including water, electricity, health clinics and face difficulties in obtaining building permits. These communities face an ongoing threat of displacement and identity fragmentation.”

“This severity and consistency of the forcible internal displacement of Palestinians and isolation that has been brought by checkpoints, the apartheid wall and other measure, made it hard on them to maintain social cohesion and as a result have become fragmented communities.”