Lecture Recalls Kafr Qasim Massacre and 1956 Aggression

Birzeit University's Political Science Department and the Israeli Studies master's program held on November 29, 2016 a lecture on the 1956 War and Kafr Qasim massacre, presented by political science professor Saleh Abdel Jawad.

Abdel Jawad said that the Tripartite Aggression in 1956 was in continuation of unstoppable aggressions.  The aggression was a unique opportunity for the American hegemony to extend its power after the influence of France and Britain has deteriorated.

Abdel Jawad added that Britain and France secretly prepared military action to regain control of the Swiss Canal after it had been nationalized by Jamal Abdel Nasser. This aggression, according to Abdel Jawad, was in response to Egypt's growing ties with communist Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union that aimed to regain control of the canal and dispose Nasser.

"In the same time and year in 1956, Israel committed a massacre against the people of Kaft Qasim in Palestine, where 49 habitants were massacred in cold blood", Abdel Jawad alluded. He pointed out that this massacre was part of the occupation's policy to terrorize Palestinians and force them to leave their homeland.