Lecture offers prefab alternative to traditional construction

The Architectural Engineering Department at Birzeit University and Dyarona Company for Real Estate Development and Investment held on February 27, 2017 a lecture on prefabricated buildings in Palestine, presented by architectural engineer Muna Jawhari.

Jawhari talked about the benefits of prefab construction, indicating their affordable prices, reduction of effort, and high manufacturing quality in insolating heat and sound. She described the types and sizes of prefab buildings and their varying usages, space, durability, etc.

She stated that the most used type of prefab building is the home. According to Jawhari, these buildings are widespread because they can be completed quickly; there is flexibility in design and beautiful appearance.

Head of Diyarona Mohannad Rabi said that precast buildings in Palestine have special significance because it is exposed to violence, destruction and overcrowding. “Dyarona is seeking to implement this method of building in the Gaza Strip, developing a new type of building that is comprised of six apartments in a small space.”

Rabi said that prefab construction is highly affordable. “The building process is 40% less than traditional forms of construction.”