Lecture Explains EU Approach to Arab Spring

As part of a course on the “European Union: Between Model and Uniqueness,” Birzeit University Ibrahim Abu-Lughod Institute of International Studies offered on June 12, 2014 a lecture on the Arab Spring and the European Union given by professor of contemporary history at the Paris Institute of Political Studies Jean-Pierre Filho.

Filho addressed European views of revolutions in Arab countries, and tried to explain whether those views are congruent or varied. Filho clarified that the relationship between European institutional systems and the Arab regimes are ruled by interests and benefits derived from historical extension centuries ago.

Filho added that the EU was surprised by some of the Arab revolutions and played a major role in some of them, but doesn’t believe that they will succeed. As for Palestine, Filho said that there has existed deep western intervention, beginning with the signing of Sykes-Picot Treaty and Balfour Declaration until today.