Lecture Addresses Safe, Responsible Use of Internet

The spokesman for the Palestinian Authority Police Luay Zreikat spoke about cyber bulling and online harassment in in a lecture organized  recently by the Media Department at  Birzeit University.In 2015, Zreikat said that approximately 500 cases experienced cyberbullying and 54% of internet users have been harassed. “ People can use electronic media to embarrass, harass or threaten their peers. An Increasing number of Palestinians each year are becoming victims of this new form of violence.”“ To avoid electronic abuse”, Zreikat advised. “ It is more recommended not to save the visited pages and to delete the cookies constantly.” Zreikat explained that while someone is innocently surfing the Web, a person may be picking up spyware or downloading malware.Media Professor Mohammad Abul Rub said that a person should take simple precautions to stay safe while browsing. “Individuals must not talk to strangers and never give any personal information out about themselves. Internet users must be aware of the negative consequences of electronic sources. Schools and universities take the big role in raising awareness among students to act responsibly in front of these tools.”