Lecture addresses latest technology trends and effects to future

Questions on the recent and future technology trends were explored in a lecture organized by the Computer Science Department at Birzeit University on April 25, 2017. The Founder of UnitBeat Huthaifa Afanah presented the lecture.

The lecture: “Tech Trends, What, When, and How to Prepare”, introduced a number of emerging top tech trends and their relationship to students and academia.

Afaneh said that many countries are not able to compete with the constantly evolving developments in the information technology sector. He pointed out that people should be ahead of the trends by anticipating the new trends, adapting them and enabling themselves to profit from them.

Afaneh explained that the world is now highly dependent on technology and the internet in all fields; economics, medicine, sports...etc. Therefore, students must empower their skills that coop with the needs of the modern era we are living in.

Huthaifa Afanah, Founder of UnitBeat, is a highly accomplished entrepreneur, technologist and project management professional, with 12+ years of experience in accomplishing software business operations from inception to execution while directing new business development and technology project management operations for valued clients across the real estate, government & education sectors.