Law and Gender Series Released

Birzeit University’s Institute of Law (IoL) has released a new series on law and gender. The first book in the series, Gender Training Curriculum in the Justice Sector, presents the gender relationship to functions performed by components of the justice sector. It highlights primary laws that provide operational tools to justice actors, including the Personal Status Law, Penal Law, Penal Procedure Law, and Labor Law. The book also investigates the role of forensic medicine in addressing gender-based violence.
The second volume, Gender Training Curriculum in the Local Government Sector, sheds light on various concepts of gender, providing a nexus for the concepts of local development, strategic planning, gender-responsive budgeting, and major gender-related issues in local government legislation. The third book, Gender Training Methodology in the Justice and Local Government Sectors, offers a training methodology, including training phases and relevant techniques. These include a training needs assessment, training planning and organization, training kit preparation, and training evaluation methods. These texts in the Law and Gender Series furnish a series of real-life applications and case studies that help understand and implement the training curriculum. Written in a friendly, informed and systematic style, the series facilitates the delivery of training in law and gender issues.
The Law and Gender Series was published in the context of the “Curriculum Development and Training of Judges, Prosecutors, Lawyers and Local Government Staff” project. Implemented by the IoL over a period of 24 months, from early December 2010 towards late November 2012, this project is a major activity of the Joint Program on Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment. Led by the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, the project delivers gender-based training throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
As part of the Millennium Development Goal on Promoting Gender Equality and Empowering Women in the occupied Palestinian territory, six UN Agencies, namely UNDP/PAPP, UN-Women, ILO, UNESCO, UNFPA and UNRWA, are implementing a joint program on Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment and funded by the Government of Spain from 2009-2012. The program aims to achieve three major outcomes:
1. Reducing gender-based violence and all forms of violence against women and girls; 2. Increasing the representation of women and women’s issues in decision-making bodies; and 3. Advancing equal opportunities for women’s economic participation, especially among women survivors of gender-based violence.
 To receive a copy of the Law and Gender Series, please contact the IoL at: Institute of Law, Birzeit University, P.O. Box 14, Birzeit, Palestine, Phone: +970/972-2-298-2009, Fax: +970/972-2-298-2137, Email: [email protected], Facebook: