Launching of the youth leaders project through voluntary work

The Ramallah Center for Human Rights Studies, in coordination with the Deanship of Student Affairs at BZU, launched the "Young Leaders Project” through voluntary work."

The Project’s first meeting was held at BZU, in which the Project Coordinator in the West Bank. Jihad Taha, overviewed the stages of this project, where the first phase includes several key concepts, most importantly defining the fundamental principles of human rights, democracy and citizenship in addition to tolerance, and how to apply it in academic and practical life.

 The second phase is manifested in the consolidation of social relations and spreading the spirit of cooperation, as well as how to build young leaders capable of assuming the responsibilities of community and the ability to withstand the pressure and workload in order to help others.

As to the third stage, Taha summarized the goal of the project, which is the creation of a “Fund for Needy Students", based on financing the whole or part of the tuition fees of a group of needy students, where several student groups will be formed to work on providing the required money for this fund, through their participation in semi-voluntary work in private sector institutions. At the end of the project, the Centre will offer these students certificates in building youth leaders.

The Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, Fadl Khalidi, stated that this project comes as a continuation of many activities, implemented and coordinated with the Centre, aiming to raise awareness among students of various concepts, and to create young leaders for the future.