Jordan Valley Bedouin Participate in Interactive Media Course

The Birzeit University Media Development Center on April 1, 2014 concluded a three-day interactive course for Jordan Valley Bedouin, held in Maleh Valley, east of Tubas Governorate.

The course was held under the supervision of Palestinian thinker and founder of Tamer Institute and the Arab Education Forum at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Harvard University, Munir Fasheh.

“The training course is aimed at practicing teaching and learning of journalism by living together and learning from each other, i.e. through neighborly relations or mujawarah,” Fasheh said. "Through mujawarah, people are converted into citizens using words and meanings drawn from life and civilization, with the hope of using these words in our daily lives.”

Head of the Wadi al-Maleh village council Aref Daraghmeh has  arranged field trips to the destroyed and surrounding villages in the area, and also arranged meetings with the residents of the villages Tayaseer, Ein Baydah, Kardala and Bardala.

After compiling interviews with the Jordan Valley residents in which they expressed their needs and concerns, the participating students wrote press materials that clarify the concept of mujawarah. These materials will be published in the student newspaper “Al-Hal,” published monthly by the centre.