Joint Public Sector- University Diplomas to Enhance Legal Practices

A series of professional diploma programs was launched on July 30, 2016 by Birzeit University’s Institute of Law (IOL). The programs target the security staff and those who work in the justice sector.

The launching ceremony was attended by Birzeit University President Abbdullatif Abuhijleh, Justice Minister Ali Abu Diak,  the Head of Arab and International Affairs in the Ministry of Interior Mahmoud Salah El Din, Director of Planning and Development at the Ministry of Interior Wahid Joma’a, the Director of the Institute of Law at Birzeit University Jamil Salem, the Manager of the IoL Legislative Support Department Mahmoud Alawneh, trainers and participants.

Alawneh stressed on the importance of developing strong links with  the partners to work with them to ensure that the programs that are offered and developed meets the requirements to enhance the legal and judicial sector in Palestine. He added that the program is designed to qualify and train security employees to enable them carry out their assigned functions effectively and efficiently.

Professor Abduhijleh pointed to the necessity of forming a solid pedagogy that aims at enhancing the public sector employees skills, which as a result, will support a large range of reforms and programs especially in legal and administrative sectors.  “Our legal and security institutions need a unified legal discourse, working methodology and an institutionalized medium to practice their jobs effectively.”

Abu Dyak said  that the diploma programs are designed to meet the needs of existing security and legal employers. “Coursework will include topics such as  public and legislative policies, strategic planning, regulation impact assessment, in addition to subjects on integrity, transparency, corruption combating and gender issues.”

Salem pointed out that this diploma seeks to achieve a more satisfactory, solid justice and security institutions. He reaffirmed on the importance of having a unified discourse between these institutions and establishing a more concrete basis and strong technical performances  that is coated with integrity, honesty and fairness.

The program is implemented with the cooperation of Palestine’s Minister of Interior, the Ministry of Justice, Judicial Institutions and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).