Joint Faten Study Finds Small Business Loans Empower Families

Applied statistics graduate students at the Birzeit University Faculty of Graduate Studies, working with Palestine for Credit and Development – Faten, held a symposium on the impact of small business loans in the West Bank, and their role in empowering the family economically and socially. The February 15, 2014 symposium featured the results of a case study of the loans provided by Faten.

In his opening remarks, Faculty of Graduate Studies Dean Talal Shahwan lauded the research undertaken by the students.

Faten’s director, Anwar Jayyousi, said that Faten’s support for the study was intended to offer students with an opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge of statistics.

The course teacher and supervisor of the research project, Professor Saleh Kafri, said that the unique experience allowed students to work as a team of 20 students and that Faten’s support allowed the effort to succeed.

Before detailing the study’s findings, students presented an honorary plaque to Director Jayyousi, in gratitude for Faten’s backing.

The student’s findings indicated that the loans they procured through Faten positively impacted the social and economic lives of the borrowing families.

At the close of the symposium, Jayyousi announced that Faten will be covering the expenses of an advanced SPSS statistical analysis course.