Joint BZU-UN course builds gender equality in government

As part of a joint project with UN Women, the Institute of Women Studies at Birzeit University recently concluded a mini-course on gender and development.

The mini-course aims to build the capacity of Palestinian employees in gender units and ministries in the issues of gender and development. The aim is to ensure that gender equality, equity, women's rights and women's empowerment are fully integrated into national development processes and plans and linked to the Palestinian context under occupation.

The training team was composed of Lena Meari, Amira Silmi, Nidaa Abu Awwad and Rula Abu Duho, representing the Institute of Women’s Studies, as well as Lamia Shaladeh, an expert in gender and human rights issues.

The mini-course introduced trainees to the conceptual and theoretical basis for gender analysis and planning and it tackled issues, questions and problems pertaining to women’s participation and integration in development plans and projects.

 During the sessions, questions were raised about women’s role in development and the importance of their active participation in planning, implementing, and policy making for developmental programs and projects.