Israeli Affairs Specialist Re-reads the Right Wing’s Rise

Researcher and Israeli Studies Coordinator at Mada al-Carmel - Arab Center for Applied Social Research Muhannad Mustafa presented a lecture on November 9, 2016 on the rise of the right wing in Israel.

Mustafa examined the roots of the right’s emergence and its consequences. He pointed out that the political surge of the right wing in Israel happened in four stages: the exclusion of the right, a ruling stage, political dominance, and the promotion of the right’s ideological and political dominance.

Mustafa explained that the first stage of exclusion included David Ben Gurion's refusal to have any members of the right wing in his government, as well as an ideological exclusion represented by attempts to erase the narrative of the right from the Israeli memory.

The second phase, according to Mustafa, began when, due to social, demographic and political transformations in society culminating in the first success of the Likud party over the Labor party, the right wing dominated the political and social scene in Israel for 30 years.

Ariel Sharon's coming to power in 2001 moved the right wing to a third stage, which lasted until 2013. Mustafa explained how powerful the Rightists were during this period compared to other political parties in Israel.

Mustafa concluded the lecture describing a final stage being lived today. He described it as a phase promoting the ideology of the right throughout the educational, judicial, and social sectors in Israel. He indicated that the right is trying to reinforce its ideas, values and beliefs within Israel's national structure and identity.