International Summer Camp Begins in Birzeit

More than 20 volunteers from around the world, along with 25 Birzeit University students, began the International Summer Work Camp on July 2, 2016. The camp is organized by the Deanship of Students Affairs at Birzeit University.

For ten days, the participants will learn and live together and build long-lasting friendships. The camp aims at exchanging cultures, introducing the Palestinian cause, and reinforcing the Palestinian core values of caring, respect, peace, and acceptance of the other.

Dean of Student Affairs Mohammad Al-Ahmad, Vice President for Financial and Administrative Affairs Rania Jaber, and Voluntary Work Coordinator Ghada Al Omari were present at the camp’s opening ceremony.

Jaber told the gathering that peace and justice can be achieved through international cooperation. “The International Summer Work Camp shows us how strongly young people in the world feel towards these common aims, especially those related to the Palestinian cause.” The camp will discuss topics such as refugees and migration, the fight against racism and the return of nationalism , she said.

Al Ahmad said that the International Summer Work Camp, which has been held annually every year since 1981, is an exciting and personally enriching experience for young people. “During these intensive ten days, program volunteers will come together to learn about the dignity of the human person and the importance of engagement in global issues and with different cultures.”

Al Omari gave details about the camp, saying that it includes community-oriented voluntary projects and trips to cities and villages.