International Students Welcomed to Campus

Birzeit University welcomed on August 24, 2016 a new class of students studying in the Palestine and Arab Studies Program (PAS), which teaches the Arabic language and other related courses to non-native speakers. The orientation for these International students was held at the same time as new student orientation for the rest of the Birzeit University campus. 

Twenty to thirty students, originating from the US and various European and Asian countries are enrolled in this semester’s PAS program. PAS Director Tina Rafidi briefed the new students on the specialized courses offered by PAS, among them Arabic language, Palestinian culture, history and politics.

"This week is a unique multi-day series of events and interactive activities. International students are highly- encouraged to participate to get to know the uniqueness of Birzeit's community," Rafidi told them. 

The coordinator of the Right to Education Campaign also spoke to the students about the university’s history and the constraints imposed by the Israeli occupation on education in Palestine.

Information about the PAS program and its offerings is available on the Birzeit University website at