International Conference Looks at Encouraging Market Competition

The Birzeit University Faculty of Business and Economics, alongside the Ministry of Economy, held on November 20, 2014, an international conference on "Competitiveness, Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Tools for Economic Growth in Palestine."

The conference discussed the national strategy to support a competitive industry and the role of the public and private sectors in enhancing competitiveness, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

In his opening address, university president Khalil Hindi emphasized the importance of supporting various sectors and competitiveness and creativity in order to achieve economic growth in Palestine.

Faculty of Business and Economics dean Yousef Dawood told guests that the faculty seeks to deepen its relations with the local community, involve academics in citizen’s issues, and create a healthy environment including the public, private and academic sectors.

Director of the MBA program, Suhail Sultan, said that the conference was planned to contribute to the development of national policies for innovation, which greatly impact improvements in competitiveness. Sultan emphasized the importance of developing strategies that enable women to play an active role in entrepreneurship and create jobs that reduce unemployment and stimulate economic growth.

More than 20 research papers were presented in the five sessions of the conference, which addressed the national competitive strategy, the role of the public sector, competitiveness in the private sector, women and entrepreneurship, and contemporary issues in entrepreneurship, in successive sessions.