Institute of Law Trains Palestinian Parliament in Legislative Drafting and Analysis

As part of ongoing efforts to consolidate, upgrade and develop principles of good legislative drafting, the Institute of Law (IoL) at Birzeit University concluded on March 25, 2013 a training course on the Principles and Standards of Legislative Drafting and Analysis.
Organized in cooperation with the Secretariat of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), the training course included a select number of PLC staff and advisors. Sessions covered a number of themes combining both theory and practice, with a particular focus on analyzing certain post-2007 decree laws.
 The training program also addressed legal research methodology, regulatory impact assessment, principles of good legislative drafting, and public and legislative policymaking. The trainers included BZU professors Amin Dawwas, Ammar Dwaik, Fayez Bikeirat, and Mahmoud Alawneh.
The training course was designed to promote capacity building among committee reporters, legal staff, and advisors in the fields of legal text analysis methodology, research skills, and legislative drafting. Training was also tailored to rejuvenate PLC staff functions and develop professional capacity and skills. PLC committees and departments will be capable of fulfilling their roles once Palestinian national reconciliation efforts bear fruit and the PLC is active once again.
The training course was delivered over a period of eight days, from March 13-25. Carried out as part of the Support for the Palestinian Legislative Council Secretariat project, the course is one in a series of activities implemented by the IoL in collaboration with the PLC Secretariat. The project is supported by UNDP/PAPP and facilitated by the IoL.