Inauguration of two new buildings with the generous donation of Omar & Samir Abdullhadi

Birzeit University has inaugurated two new buildings in its campus: the Omar Abdulhadi Building, an annex building to the Faculty of Business and Economics, and the Samir Abdulhadi Building attached to the Mathematics wing in the Faculty of Science.

The inauguration ceremony of the new buildings marks another milestone of expansion and development in the university’s academic journey. The ceremony was attended by the chairperson of the university’s Board of Trustees (BoT) Hanna Nasir, the university’s president Abdullatif Abuhijleh, the BoT members, the university’s council, and staff and faculty members.

Chairman Nasir expressed his gratitude to both Omar and Samir Abdulhadi for funding the construction of the two buildings that will offer services in high-demand academic fields. The buildings, according to Nasir, will provide a much-improved learning environment for students and the university in general.

President Abuhijleh emphasized that the generous donations made by philanthropists and supporters such as Omar and Samir Abdulhadi will help the university achieve more milestones, accolades and accomplishments.

Omar Abdulhadi, a Palestinian engineer and a generous donor to Birzeit University, offered scholarships to students enrolled in the Arabic Music Program and contributed to the development of the program. He donated to construct the Omar Abdulhadi Building that is added to the Faculty of Business and Economics. The 2650-square-meter building has four floors and consists of a number of classrooms, lecture halls, public halls and meeting rooms.

Samir Abdulahdi, a member in the university’s Board of Trustees who devoted his time to philanthropy and volunteer work, contributed to the construction of the Samir Abdulhadi Building, a mathematics wing added to the Faculty of Science. It is a 1450-square-meter building with four floors that include a breakout space, a cafeteria, and meeting and seminar rooms, in addition to lecture halls and classrooms.