Idea Factory encourages youth action in introductory session

The Idea Factory, a group of Palestinian youth which aims to strengthen the role of young people in shaping Palestine’s current and future situation and actively contribute to developing the public space, has held its first introductory meeting at the Fourth Idea Factory Session.

A student initiative, the Idea Factory was established in 2014 under the Windsor Birzeit Dignity Initiative and constitutes a part of Birzeit University’s mission to develop and advance the Palestinian community.

Idea Factory Coordinator Noura Samar explained the idea behind the initiative, saying “The need for an initiative which spurs people to action came from the apathy exhibited toward the social, political, and economic issues which are taking us by storm and are affecting the daily lives and prospects of youth in Palestine.”

Students in the Idea Factory, added Samar, engage in brainstorming sessions to discuss the state of political inaction, and brainstorm ways to catalyze youth action and ways to effect change.

Activities that the students engage in include writing situation papers on issues which concern students, holding brainstorming sessions and lectures, hosting luminaries in different areas and spheres, and organizing meetings with focus groups.