In honor of Women’s Day, Birzeit University celebrates its female professors, staff members

Birzeit University recently honored volunteer paramedic Nisreen Amireh, who risked her life to save two Birzeit University students who were injured by Israeli Occupation soldiers during a student protest against the recent attack on the university.

Amireh was given her due honor during a celebration of International Women’s Day that was organized by Birzeit University’s Union of Employees and Professors on March 22, 2018, on university campus. The event was held under golden sponsorship by Jawwal and silver sponsorship by Sbitany Home.

Head of the Union of Employees and Professors, Dr. Sameh Abu Awwad, thanked the university’s female employees for the “vital roles they are playing in making this university one of the top educational institutions in Palestine and the world.”

Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Faisal Awadallah said that the university’s administration encourages women to aim high and attain leadership positions at all levels, whether inside or outside the university’s campus.

Acting Director of the Institute for Women’s Studies Dr. Lena Meari highlighted the importance of celebrating the International Women’s Day, saying that it’s an opportunity to “evaluate, address, and celebrate the progress that women made in light of local and international joint efforts.”

Abu Awwad, Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs Rania Jaber, and Assistant to the President Dr. Abdel Aziz Shawabkeh recognized Iman Al Afghani, from the Records and Documents Section in the Registration and Admissions Department, and Hana Eid, from the Office of the Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs, for their great contributions to Birzeit University.