History of Jews, Zionists Reviewed in Lecture

A critical analysis of Jewish and Zionists history was examined in a  lecture presented by Professor of  Israeli Studies Nabih Bashir, on May 11, 2016Organized by the Israeli Studies, the lecture questioned the role of Judaism in the politics of contemporary Israel and how the political system balance the imperatives of Jewish law and the demands of governing a modern state. Using examples from Talmud and Torah, Bashir  correlated the texts and teachings mentioned in the Jewish Holy Book, with the influence it has on the broader political culture and public policy of Israel today.“Throughout history, political norms and concepts were added to the religious discourse. This has led to the increase of religiosity in the society,” Bashir said. “ For example, many radical movements have emerged and become an influential factor between Jews and Zionists.”Bashir stressed on the fact that readers must learn about Judaism from Jewish books and not from their myths and stories.