Hani Qaddoumi Scholarship Foundation meets with BZU students to announce its scholarship programs at the Palestinian universities

The Executive Director of the Hani Qaddoumi Scholarship Foundation, Rana Diab, announced that the  Foundation will be providing scholarships for the bachelor and master BZU students of engineering, information technology, computer science and business administration, and that the most important objective is to link the graduates with the Palestinian labor market, in addition to intending in the future to conduct labor market studies in Palestine.

This came during a workshop, organized by the Public Relations Office and the Office of Academic Affairs at BZU on 11 April 2011 to inform students about the vision and goals of the Foundation, and its work to serve the Palestinian students, seeking to support  talented and distinguished students with financial resources to get finished with  their higher education. 

In her opening address, the  Director of Public Relations Office at BZU, Ms. Manal Issa explained that within the strategy of the Public Relations Office, a series of meetings were held with institutions, including: the British Council, AMIDEAST, and other international and British universities, and that this event with the first Arab institution that provides grants to Palestinian students.

Ms. Diab expressed her pleasure to meet BZU students, briefing them on the Foundation, which was founded in 2000 in Jordan to support education in Palestine, affirming that education is the main source and the only path to social empowerment and economic power, moving the wheel of progress in the society on the long run, regardless of the student's social and economic background, she/he should be given the opportunity to seek higher education

She added that the Foundation provides  two student scholarship programs inside Palestine, of which one targets undergraduate students of engineering, information technology, computer science and business administration, while the other program includes full or partial grants , for students of engineering, information technology, fine arts and business administration, in addition to an exceptional program for students in the American University in Beirut, knowing that the partnership is with all the Palestinian universities.

In fact, the Hani Qaddoumi Scholarship Foundation conducts periodic assessment of its offered programs and reviews the specializations from time to time. During the workshop, Ms. Diab explained the procedures to be followed upon submitting applications for scholarships and criteria for obtaining a scholarship, and then opened the door for  discussion and questions.