Grad Student Participates in Geneva Physics Program

Teaching assistant and physics graduate student Suhad Daraghmah participated in an eight-week summer program held at the European organization for nuclear research (CERN) in Geneva.
Daraghmah worked on a project entitled “Measuring the asymmetry in the production of B± in the proton-proton collisions at LHCb” in cooperation with the Large Hadron Collider b (LHCb) research group from the University of Oxford.
The CERN summer program included a series of lectures on various topics in the field of particle physics, accelerator technology and experimental high-energy physics. There was also a field trip to the LHC, an underground accelerator.
About 275 students of 80 different nationalities participated in the program, which provided an opportunity to share physics concepts with colleagues from other universities and research institutes. Moreover, the program provided an opportunity for students who intend to continue with their studies to make contacts with scientists from prestigious research centers.
The physics assistant professor and program contact person Dr. Wafaa Khater said that this is not the first time for outstanding students from the Birzeit University physics department to participate in this program. Khater added: “In 2008, the physics student, Miss Arwa Bannoura participated in this program and she is now studying for her doctoral degree in the University of Wuppertal in Germany. In 2009, the physics student, Mr. Mohammad Hattawy participated in this program and he is now preparing for his doctoral degree in the University of Paris Sud in France.
In fact, the CERN annual summer program is held every summer, which allows excellent physics students to apply and participate in the coming years.