“German Scholarship Day” offers studying opportunities to BZU students

A closer look at the scholarships opportunities offered by The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) was presented during the “German Scholarship Day” held on March 27, 2017 at Birzeit University.

Representatives from the DAAD, headed by the Head of Section for Scholarships in the Southern Hemisphere in DAAD Germany Christian Hülshörster, met with the Palestinian alumni who graduated from German universities, and then held a counseling session for Bachelor and Master Students.

Hülshörster has revealed a number of new scholarship opportunities for Master's and PhD students in Germany. He assured that these opportunities are part of the long-standing ties with the University and constant efforts of expanding cooperation with Palestine, especially with Birzeit University. 

Hülshörster introduced the attendees to the DAAD’s history, activities and achievements in the Middle East since 2011. He presented the admissions requirements for the DAAD Master's and doctoral programs, and assured that DAAD has offered, and still offering a variety of funding programs for students in all subjects to study in Germany or the region

Before the “German Scholarship Day” was inaugurated, Hülshörster met with the University President Abdullatif Abuhijleh. The latter talked about the university's challenges in the colonial, occupational context, alluding to the Israeli occupation impediments that prevent the entry of academics from abroad to teach at the Palestinian universities.

"Amid these obstacles, our students need to be exposed to different experiences in academia and research. Scholarships opportunities that are offered by our peers, such as the DAAD, are great opportunities for our students to grow and prosper."

Hülshörster pointed out that the tensions that are currently occurring in the Middle East determine our upcoming strategies and scholarship destinations. "Syria is one of the countries that need urgent intervention, especially in the education sector.  However, Palestine is still on the top of the agenda. The Arab World needs educated young people to build their countries. Investing in young people is an investment into the future."

The meeting was attended by the Vice President for Academic Affairs Henry Giacaman, the Director of the Social Sciences PhD program Lisa Taraki, the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies Talal Shahwan, the Dean of the Faculty of Art Majdi Malki and the External Academic Relations Officer Amir Khalil, and Professor Helga Baumgarten.

The DAAD office, located in Birzeit University, offers academic exchanges for faculty, students and staff. A number of German master and PhD students visit Palestine annually on scholarships for studies and research. Beyond these individual grants the DAAD provides assistance for the institutional cooperation between German and Palestinian institutions of higher education.