German DAAD Scholarships Open for Applications

Representatives of the German Academic Exchange Service Scholarship Program (DAAD) held a meeting at Birzeit University on March 26, 2013 to inform students about scholarship programs offered annually for Palestinian students in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
The meeting was opened by Vice President for Academic Affairs Adnan Yahya, who applauded the securing of grants and scholarships for BZU students and faculty members. He also thanked the grant sponsors, especially the former DAAD program director who now leads the Democracy and Human Rights program at BZU, Professor Helga Baumgarten, and welcomed the new DAAD director, Carsten Walbine, who will begin teaching next semester.
Walbine screened a short film on higher education in Germany before giving an overview of the DAAD program. He said that DAAD annually provides Palestinian students with six Master’s degrees scholarships and six PhD scholarships to Germany, as well as 20 Master’s degree scholarships to Jordan. He encouraged students to compare notes with those Palestinian students who have studied in Germany. Also, he presented the admissions requirements for the DAAD Master's and doctoral programs before the floor opened for questions.
DAAD is a German institute that sponsors academic exchanges between Germany and international universities. BZU is a recipient of the DAAD scholarships, which allow students and faculty members to continue their graduate studies and conduct research jointly with German students.nbsp;