German Academics Visit Campus, Learn about Language Programs

A number of German Academics at the University of Würzburg visited Birzeit University on October 5, 2016. The delegation, consisted of experts and specialists in the German, Arabic and Turkish Language teaching, discussed where both parties can cooperate.

The delegation was received by the Director of the External Academic Relations Office Dr. Amir Khalil. Dr. Khalil explained the complex challenges that the higher- education in Palestine face, especially those related to Israeli’s systematic policies of denial of entry to international academics and professionals.

“We are determined to engage with the international academic community, and consistent to enrich our academic programs by building partnerships with our fellows in the world”, Dr. Khalil commented.

Khalil then expressed his hope to build corporations with European universities which will help students explore different perspectives, cultures and knowledge.

The Chairperson of the Department of Languages and Translation Dr. Majdi Abu Zahra, and the Chairperson of the Department of Arabic Language and Literature Dr. Mosa Khoury, introduced the delegation to the Bachelor and Master programs that the university offers for teaching languages.

The Palestinian Arab Studies (PAS) Director Tina Rafidi said that the program offers international students the opportunity to learn the Arabic Language with other social science courses about Palestine and the Arab world.

Later, the delegation met with the German Language Program Director Ulrike Mitter who briefed them about the German Language undergraduate program, supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).