General Manager of "Paltel" reveals secrets of successful marketing

The secrets of successful marketing for Palestine's telecommunication company, Paltel, were disclosed in a January 14, 2017 lecture jointly organized by the Department of Business Administration and Marketing, and the Master's program for Business Administration.

Paltel General Manager Maen Melhem described the wide array of services the company offers to its clients, focusing on providing fast internet service to companies and homes and the company’s resources for managing technical systems and maintaining information security.

The director general underscored the company's responsibility towards its customers, reporting that there are more than four million internet users utilizing the network per second. This requires the company to improve and enhance its services constantly using the latest technologies, such as fiber optics.

Melhem also described how the development of the Palestinian information and telecommunications sector is subject to Israeli interests and systematic practices that hinder Palestine's development.

Paltel, according to Melhem, tried to build and operate its own independent telecommunication company, despite Israel's total control of international telecommunication gateways in Area C, after the signing of Oslo accords in the 1990s. The company pursued a strategy that delivered internet without interruption to Palestinian cities, until it was finally able to work with international companies to deliver cutting edge services.

Melhem concluded by shedding light on Paltel's commitment to present the highest quality services to its customers, pointing out that the company consists of four departments responsible for marketing and marketing planning. This has made it efficient at offering services that meet the customer's changing needs.