The future of Jerusalem in the Israeli planning – a lecture at BZU

The Department of Political Science at BZU in cooperation with the Palestinian Center for Israel Studies "MADAR", held  a lecture entitled:: "The geography of Jerusalem and its future in Israeli planning ", in which Dr. Yousef Jabareen and Mr. Sameeh Hammoudeh participated.

Mr. Hammoudeh commenced by  referring  to the concept of the modern state that emerged in Europe, explaining that the formation of national identity is through the use of national symbols  that are important means for mobilization and political education.

He explained that the Jewish state is working on producing and developing a new identity to crush the depth of history, to be separable from the image and role of the Jew, who lived oppressed or in the ghetto, noting that the Zionist culture is the product of European societies and Jewish communities in the Western world and forms the pillars of Israeli Jews.

Hammouded said  that "Jerusalem" is not  Jewish religious idea, with political implications ,but  the basis for the Israeli-Jewish state building, and it was necessary to interpret the geography in support of an argument that explains the divine right and show the world the right of Jews in that land, as Jerusalem is a non-negotiable issue for the Zionists

On the other hand, Dr. Jabareen clarified that the main  goal of Zionism is to construct   settlements in all the areas under control, where the percentage of land controlled by Israel is 93%.

He said that Ben Gurion is the founder of the Zionist state, while Ariel Sharon is the first planner for the control of historic Palestine in all aspects: cultural, educational, religious and economic. At a later stage, the Ministry of Agriculture took over the task of planning and settlement.

He pointed out that Jerusalemites should be fully aware of the issue of planning to be able to know their rights in obtaining licenses. He added that Israel is seeking to divide Jerusalem into several small villages to tighten control over it.

He explained that there are 20,000 unlicensed Palestinian buildings in East Jerusalem, and are subject to demolition, while their inhabitants are at risk of becoming homeless.

He stressed that there are plans to establish parks in West Jerusalem, while East Jerusalem will be converted to Israeli settlement centers.