Friends of Birzeit University Hall Opened in Masrouji Building

The Friends of Birzeit University Hallin the Mohammed Masrouji Media Building was inaugurated on February 20, 2014. The opening ceremony was attended by Palestinian businessman and head of the organization, Mohammed Masrouji, Vice President for Advancement Ghassan Khatib, Friends of Birzeit University director Amal Ghadban, Media Development Center director Nibal Thawabteh, Friends of Birzeit University members and others from the university community.

Masrouji expressed his delight at attending the opening of the hall, which is an extension of the building he donated. The building consists of six floors of the latest media technology, intended to contribute to the academic and scientific advancement of the university.

VP Khatib thanked Masrouji and Friends of Birzeit University, saying that the great universities all have great friends, alumni and supporters. "Friends of Birzeit University is a foundation in society, whose role is not only financial, but also to support the university socially."

Ghadban overviewed the services the group provides to students and the university. "We are proud that we have changed the typical relationship between friends of Birzeit University and its beneficiaries,” she said. “Today students knock on our door, asking for a job – this is real important social change. "

Thawabteh also addressed the audience, saying, "This new building hosts Palestinian journalists and students of journalism. Through the center, many benefit from media courses in the various fields of written, visual and audio media, and the center is one of the most important media centers in the Middle East, according to a study conducted by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency."