Free-Expression Expert Jillian York Asks “Why Privacy Matters?” In Lecture

Director of International Freedom of Expression at the Electronic Frontier Foundation Jillian York gave a lecture at Birzeit University on January 28, 2014 on advanced security and protection techniques on the internet and the role of states in shaping policies around internet security.

The lecture, “Why Privacy Matters?,” was sponsored by the Birzeit University Department of Computer Systems Engineering in cooperation with the Association of Internet communityin Palestine and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

It was one component of efforts by the Association of Internet communityto spread awareness of topics related to the internet and digital rights and was the first of a series of lectures to be held at Palestinian universities in that field.

Jillian C. York is an American free-expression activist and travel writer. She is specialized in freedom of speech issues in the Arab world and in the privatization of censorship and is also interested in surveillance technology, export controls, global online activism. She holds a BA in Sociology from Binghamton University, and has also studied theatre.