First Female Judge Kicks off Women’s Participation Lecture Series

The first Palestinian judge and senior judge at the High Judicial Council Iman Naser Al-Deen spoke at Birzeit University at an event organized by the Deanship of Students Affairs, a lecture series addressing women’s experiences and how they challenge cultural and social perspectives.   

Naser Al-Deen drew on her own personal experiences as the first female judge in Palestine to describe the strategies that women must use to cope successfully with society’s challenges, stereotyping and discrimination.

Dean of Students Affairs Mohammad Al-Ahmad said that these lectures that focus on women and girls and their contributions and empowerment are critical to Palestinian development. “Birzeit University offers an occasion to raise awareness about the ways in which gender shapes and is shaped by our lived experiences. That’s why women are urged to expand their activism, and stick to their ambitions to become more involved in positive social change.”

Naser Al-Deen said that only persistence and tradition stand in the way of women’s full participation. “The only obstacle that stood in my way came from our patriarchal society, because there is no religious or legal reason preventing women from filling the post of a judge,” Naser El Deen stated. “Despite the challenges that face us as women, we need to continue our attempts to showcase our presence and skills. Women have already started to change the stereotypical image that society has of females as mere housewives. We have been able to hold high-ranking positions because of our consistency, dedication and hard work.”