In first, Birzeit Book Club discusses newly-released book with author

The Book Club, a student-led initiative at Birzeit University, invited Maisoon Al Whaidi, a Palestinian author, to lead a discussion on her recently-published book, “The Youth Illuminate the Path to Liberation,” on Monday, October 30, 2018. 

The book, said Al Whaidi, spotlights the role of youth in Palestinian liberation, and encourages their participation in community efforts by involving them in the planning for the next stage of the Palestinian quest for freedom and independence. 

The 244-page book comprises three chapters: “Youth and Political and Social Activism,” “Jerusalem: the Heart of Palestinian Resistance,” and “Post-Oslo,” which trace the impact of Palestinian youth activism on the Palestinian cause, review the causes and impact of activism in Jerusalem, and analyze the challenges and prospects in the current political climate, respectively. 

“The Palestinian cause is going through its darkest stages,” commented Al Whaidi. “The gravity of the situation makes it our responsibility to raise awareness and overcome the Palestinian inner division through unity.” 

Head of the Book Club, Issa Sharif, gave a brief overview of the club, which started in 2017, and encouraged all students to sign-in and join the various discussions.