Firas Jaber, social and economic policy researcher, discusses NGOs Code of Conduct in public administration guest lecture

Firas Jaber, co-founder and researcher at the Social and Economic Policies Monitor (Al Marsad), was a guest speaker of the Management of Civil Organizations Course, offered by the Department of Public Administration at Birzeit University’s Faculty of Law and Public Administration.

During the lecture, Jaber introduced the attending students to the elements, rules and guidelines of the Palestinian NGOs Code of Conduct, discussing its importance for the functioning of civil organizations in the Palestinian society and summarizing its key elements.

The NGOs Code of Conduct, Jaber explained, sets the rules and standards to guarantee that organizations adhere to the best practices in their fields, taking into consideration the values of honesty and integrity and Palestine’s sustainable development priorities.

Jaber also focused on the issue of conditional funding imposed on civil organizations in Palestine — a topic that sparked a lively debate among students on how Palestinian NGOs can thrive in the face of such conditions that hinder their performance and development.

The students also raised questions on the political role of civil organizations within the Palestinian society under the Israeli occupation, in addition to discussing how the NGOs Code of Conduct can help organizations address key internal challenges such as corruption and lack of integrity.