Fingerprint Campaign donors secure four scholarships for students in need

“It is not about how much they donated, it is about their sense of giving. Our graduates are our hope for a better future,” said Birzeit University President Abdullatif Abuhjileh, thanking the graduates who participated in the Graduates’ Fingerprints Campaign.

The president honored the graduates in a special ceremony organized by the Advancement Office on July 16, 2018, in the presence of university’s Board of Trustees member Samir Owaida.

The campaign aims to encourage graduates to support their future students who are financially less fortunate, by allowing the university to keep their insurance deposits to be invested in scholarships and grants.

During academic year 2017-2018, graduates’ donations provided the resources for four scholarships. More than 1000 graduates have donated to support future Birzeit University students since 2012.

President Abuhijleh praised the donors and expressed his pride with their dedication to the university, other students, and their country. “I am happy to be here with you for the third year in a row to celebrate your responsible morals. We need such initiatives,  which show us as united and cooperative.”

Abuhijleh addressed the graduates, “Such initiatives that are nurtured by your dedication to your country will contribute to its development and finally liberation.”