Fifty-Four nursing students take professional oath

Fifty-four nursing students took the Nursing Department’s graduate oath, a pledge that confirms the graduates’ agreement to uphold the principles and ethics of this profession and their respect for the lives, dignity, and rights of the citizens.

The graduates took the oath at a ceremony held by the Faculty of Pharmacy, Nursing, and Health Professions on Saturday, January 13, 2018.

Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Nursing, and Health Professions Dr. Rania Abu-Hamadah highlighted the graduates’ skillset and qualifications, “Those students are part of a highly-qualified cadre that can meet the needs and demands of the job market and compete locally, regionally and internationally.”

Eman Sa’adeh, a graduate of the faculty, gave the valedictorian speech, in which she affirmed that “nursing is one of the most respected, and almost most important, professions there is. It contributes to saving patients’ lives from danger and death by assisting the rest of the health services crews.” Sa’adeh also commended the efforts of the department’s faculty members who developed the students’ skills and built their capabilities.

Amani Bazzar, a graduating student, was honored as the top student of the graduating class; the students then, accompanied by the dean, recited the nursing oath. Finally, Nursing Department Chair Dr. Imad Asmar read the graduates’ names at the commencement.