Fair Trade Show Supports Palestinian Products

The first trade show for Palestinian companies was held by Birzeit Friends Association at Birzeit University on April 11, 2016, showcasing and demonstrating their latest products.The money raised from selling products at the trade show will go to the student coupon system, formed by Bizeit University Association in 2002, and serve 300 in-need students. The system is partially supported by the Palestinian Cultural Centre in Amman and a number of Palestinian private sector companies.   Organized in partnership with the Palestine Society for Consumer Protection, the trade show is dedicated to showcase the variety of quality products made in Palestine, aimed at encouraging consumers and promoting Palestinian products as a driving force in Palestinian sustainable economic development and independence.The event was attended by Birzeit University Vice President for Academic Affairs Henry Giacaman, Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs Adel Zagha, a number of Palestinian business figures, and the university’s staff and student.“The private sector has grown significantly in its role of supporting education,” Birzeit University Friends Association chair Muhammad Al-Masrouji said. “Jointly with these companies, Birzeit University Friends Association strives to improve efficiency and quality of manpower production while trying to contribute to achieving social equity.”Giacaman called the event “a key contribution to socio-economic development. We are excited to see this number of companies and participants eager to support education and offer it to all students and those who are in need of financial assistance,” Giacaman said. He added that this trade show promotes Palestinian national products and calls to dispense with Israeli products.Head of the Palestinian Consumer Protection Society Salah Haniyeh alluded to the recent decisions that call for the boycott of six Israeli companies that have a Palestinian alternative: Tnuva, Strauss, Osem, Elite, Prigat and Jafora. “Despite the lack of robust implementation mechanisms for boycotting Israeli products and supporting national ones in recent years, we are finally going in the right direction by working on developing a food system that continues to support local producers and food makers and, as a result, contributes to economic growth in Palestine.”Three companies sponsored the event: Diamond Sponsor Siniora Company, Golden sponsor Al-Masrouji Group, and the National Insurance Company and Ajyal Radio Network.