Faculty of Law holds discussion on proposed anti-corruption courses

The Faculty of Law and Public Administration at Birzeit University held the first meeting of the National Academic Committee for the Creation of Two Academic Courses in Anti-Corruption, on Tuesday, July 3, 2018.

The meeting included observations and suggestions from academics, law professors and experts, and representatives from the Palestinian Anti-Corruption Commission.

The first of the anti-corruption courses, which are designed for inclusion in the academic programs of all Palestinian universities, deals with general anti-corruption concepts for students from all majors.

The second course addresses corruption-related laws and regulations in Palestinian legislation, and primarily targets law students.

Dr. Yasser Amouri, dean of the Faculty of Law and Public Administration, said that the two courses are part of a comprehensive anti-corruption strategy, which focuses on educating students at all levels on concepts of anti-corruption.

He affirmed the faculty’s support for cooperative action with the relevant parties to bolster anti-corruption measures in Palestine, saying: “We fully support continued collaboration with national and academic committees that work to bolster Palestinian culture and raise political and national awareness.”

Dr. Hamdi Khawaja, head of planning and development at the Palestinian Anti-Corruption Commission, noted that the meeting was part of a two-year endeavor to integrate the commission’s efforts into educational institutions in Palestine.

“The committee met today to discuss the course syllabi and form committees that will begin the actual design of the courses,” commented Khawaja. “We’re soliciting feedback from law professors, anti-corruption experts, and decision-makers to produce courses that really delve into the heart of the issue.”