Faculty of Law and Public Administration at BZU participates in the 19th Annual Conference of the United Arab Emirates University

Represented by Dr. Khaled Talahmeh, the Faculty of Law and Public Administration participated in the 19th Annual Conference entitled: "Investment rules under n national legislation and international agreements and their impact on economic development in the UAE," organized by the College of Law at the UAE University during 25 - 27 April 2011. Dr. Talahmeh presented a study on t "Governance of financial institutions and their role in attracting investment", in which he examined the ability of governance in the Arab financial institutions to attract investment, and its preventive policy towards regional and international financial crises.

Talahmeh explained that not everything in governance is right, and discussed certain items in governance that are not consistent with the philosophy of some Arab financial institutions, such as Islamic banks and Basel Convention (1/2/3). He also noted that corporate governance according to international standards, is considered a kind of absolute surrendering of Arab financial institutions to the terms of governance, and thus the Arab Association is unable to make its own terms of governance. He explained that the International financial crisis was not the result of not applying governance, and if it was so, the Arab states would have more encountered the crisis than the Western countries, while the opposite has occurred.

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