Faculty of Engineering holds a lecture on “Research topics in Concentrating Solar Power Technologies”

On 29 January 2011, Faculty of Engineering hosted Dr. Bruno D'Aguanno - CRS4, Center for Advanced Studies, Research and Development in Sardinia, Italy to deliver a lecture on "Research topics in Concentrating Solar Power Technologies" in which  the Guest Speaker,


Dr. Bruno D'Aguanno is a physicist, and his current research interests include the development of models and algorithms for the design of Fuel Cells, nano and mesoscopic materials (carbon nano-structures and polymeric membranes), innovative systems for energy storage (heat and chemical storage), as well as the development of models for competitive concentrated solar power applications.


Abstract of his lecture:

Concentrating Solar Power, CSP, technologies are fast growing, and they are becoming of relevance in many fields such as electricity generation, water desalination, heat production for industrial applications and thermochemical production of energy carriers.

In the first part of the presentation, the layout of typical CSP systems will be illustrated and the sub-components that are linked to the solar part will be introduced, the main solar sub-components being: (i) the solar concentrators and the solar field, (ii) the receiver, or absorber, of the concentrated solar radiation, (iii) the heat transfer fluid, and (iv) the heat storage system.

In the second, and central part of the presentation each one of the solar sub-components will be discussed in terms of the research activities which are going on in order to improve their efficiency, reliability and cost competitiveness. 

The last part of the presentation will be dedicated to the illustration of specific applications, through a detailed analysis of all the steps and computational tools needed to perform a pre-feasibility study for a CSP plant for electricity production.