Experts explore measures to increase public safety in construction zones

The Department of Civil Engineering at Birzeit University and the Palestinian Concrete Society held on May 16, 2017 a symposium on “Public Safety around Construction Sites”.

The Vice President of Academic Affairs Henry Giacaman talked about the impact of construction projects on the economy, through offering job opportunities for engineers and workers, and contribute in the efforts of solving the problems of population. “Despite its advantages”, Giacaman continued, “The increased number of work injuries make it very important to develop measures to ensure the safety of workers.”

The Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology Khalid Abaza assured that the development of the safety measures in construction sites reflect the development and civilization of societies.

The Head of the Palestinian Concrete Society Mahmoud Abdallah reaffirmed the society’s commitment in developing better safety measures to avoid injuries at the workplace. “A true engineer he who puts the value of the human as a main priority while designing a project.”

The Head of the Department of Civil Engineering Ziad Mimi said that this event could help students empower their knowledge in the importance of considering safety measures when designing and constructing a project.