Expert in E-marketing present tips on effective social media advertising

The Department of Public Administration at the Faculty of Law and Public Administration held a lecture on electronic project management and marketing through social media featuring George Halabi, an expert in e-marketing, on March 23, 2019.

In the lecture, titled “Social Media Marketing,” Halabi introduced the students to the know-how of marketing through social media, sharing his experience in online advertising. He explained the term “multichannel campaigns” which refers to the practice by which companies interact with customers through multiple channels on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. The main goal of this practice, according to Halabi, is to reach customers on the channel of their choice, which increases the seller’s profits and provides better services to the customers.

Halabi gave the students tips and revealed tricks on how to generate effective and successful marketing content and designs. “It should be short, unique and informative,” he said. He emphasized the importance of a marketer’s abidance to the policies, laws and regulations of each online platform.

The e-marketing expert ended the lecture by showing a short movie that explains this new marketing tool and presents the experiences of some of the world’s best social media influencers.