Exhibition Introduces Che Guevara's Reading Passion

Birzeit University Museum will be hosting “El Che, Endless Reader” exhibition until August 8, 2016 at the museum’s second exhibition hall, Daraj Gallery. The hall was inaugurated on July 17, 2016.

The event is being organized by A.M Qattan Foundation and the Representative of Argentine Republic to the State of Palestine, in cooperation with the Palestine and Arabic Studies Program (PAS) at Birzeit University.

The exhibition, curated by Ziad Yousef Haj Ali, aims to show a different face of the revolutionary icon, Ernesto Che Guevara. It  contains unique photos depicting Guevara as an exceptional reader, in addition to letters written by him about his reading schedule, and his comrades’ comments on his reading habits.

Vice President for Academic Affairs Henry Giacaman said that the exhibition introduces rich and diverse texts that were part of Che’s thought. He said that the exhibition, which was first shown in the City of Rosario in Argentina by the Latin American Studies Center in 2013,  aims to delve deeper into the readings that influenced Guevara’s life, including novels, poetry and short stories.

Giacaman emphasized the power of reading in contributing to raising an independent, educated and intellectual young generation. He also reiterated the exhibition’s mission to underscore the status and importance of reading as an important tool of liberation and resistance.

Museum director Inas Yasin said that the gallery is one starting point. “In Daraj Gallery, we seek to offer new experimental, artistic platforms for cultural practitioners from different fields, through encouraging students and young generations to get involved in museum activities and cultural production.”

Curator Haj Ali said, “It is very gratifying to open this exhibition again here in Palestine to introduce a new side of Guevara to the audience.” He pointed out that the exhibition was first launched at A.M Qattan Foundation as a result of a fruitful contact with his Guevara’s brother.