Exhibition Captures Societal & Cultural Perceptions

An exhibition for visual arts was displayed recently at Birzeit University to capture  dimensions and cultural perceptions of life that gender and sexuality affect.

Organized by the Social and Behaviroal Science Department and The Arab Forum for Sexuality, Education and Health, “Our Stories and beyond” exhibition was done by a number of female students as part of a course they have taken about the Definition of Gender and sex in the Palestinian Society.

Students developed their photography skills and worked with the professional photographer, Mohammad Badarneh to enhance their ability to reflect reality. 

“Such cultural events challenged the students to reflect deeply on the many ways our values related to gender and sex related issues such as violence, harassment, adolescence problems…etc’, one of the participants said.The publicity from the Forbes list provides an opportunity to enlighten a misinformed world public opinion, not only on how powerful certain female individuals in the Gulf have become, but also on the influence they increasingly exert on the political landscapes of their countries “This exhibition questions how contemporary perceptions and gender stereotype intersect with our culture, which we seek to change”.